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canada goose coats 3 Please use the appropriate flair when creating new posts: [PJO Spoilers], [HoO Spoilers], [ToA Spoilers], [KC Spoilers], [MC Spoilers], [Imprint Spoilers], [Most Recent Spoilers]. If your post doesn have any spoilers you don have to give it a tag. Percy and Annabeth are safe because killing either of them is guaranteed to piss off the fanbase, Leo already died and came back (Granted so did Jason but Jason first death was immediately undid and wasn left hanging over us and the cast whereas Leo death was hanging over the cast even if not us.) so it would have basically no impact, Frank should have died in HoO so any death for him would have felt too late at this point, and on top of Hazel and Piper both being more interesting than him killing off canada goose outlet vancouver half (If we count Leo despite him coming back.) the people of color would not be a good look for Rick. canada goose coats

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