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Replica Handbags There is a massive difference between your comparison and Trump statement of no tariffs vs the roughly $300 billion in tariffs! How can you not see the difference??? I really want to know how you can legitimately make that comparison.It would only truly make sense if there were TEN DOLLARS of tariffs, and Trump said, “yeah we dont have tariffs, not really.”But he didn say that, and that not the amount of tariffs we have, so how you can you seriously rationalize this argument to us and to yourself? 8 points submitted 29 days agoIt seemed pretty obvious to me honestly. I don think it necessitates any leeway. Passing legislation takes more than two weeks, Congress is in recess, and “putting in” works better as https://www.buyreplicassale.com a synonym for “submitting” than “passing.” It also works as a basic political strategy: make the election a referendum in part on whether middle class voters want a 10% tax cut (if Democrats decide to oppose it), or have them announce support and making passing the bill later easier. Replica Handbags

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