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I also find it funny that you feel like you have to talk down to people that disagree with you. I’m trying to post an opinion and am interested in the feedback it receives. I don’t give a shit if Orwell said it. If you’re going to be using the system for long trips, pay particular attention to the number of points of interest (PoIs) that come pre installed on the device. The label “points of interest” may lead some to believe that these points are just special landmarks and other sightseeing locations, but they’re really much more. PoIs will help you find restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other important facilities, making long trips easier and much less stressful..

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This includes things like calendars, games, wallpapers and videos of all kinds. This is on top of its basic function to play music and display pictures. No matter what you are looking for to do in the world of media, chances are, Zune will have some application that will be able to cover that topic..

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(South America, the gay community, etc)Is it inconceivable to say every bad thing a President did was a mistake? Many times they do this shit on purpose because the President doesn’t serve the interest of the majority. They serve the party, anyone they owe favors to, they generally serve money and power first and foremost. Hell that can likely explain why Presidents do bad things they didn’t want to do, deep down.

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