1 point submitted 2 days agoDouble click on the pencil tool;

I think I gave Leckie more time than I gave either Hawthorne or Erickson.I read award winning books and loved them, I read award winning books and found them utterly forgettable, I fallen in love with books nobody ever talked about when they came out and still don really say anything about.Also I have come to feel that a Nebula winner is more likely to be worth reading a few decades later than a Hugo winner. 1 point submitted 2 days agoDouble click on the pencil tool; turn on new pencil strokes and selected turn off selected Now you can quickly knock out tons of filled hand drawn shapes, which I find to be a major speedup. It a crucial component of the workflow that lets me draw graphic novels directly in AI rather than futzing around drawing stuff on paper first, scanning it, and slowly pen tooling over it.You can also select an existing path and go over it with the pencil tool to edit it.

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