canada goose Tags daily fresh Gaeltacht summer of love See other tags Tags Just 14 tweets that will bring back those sweet, sweet Gaeltacht memories It turns out some people did actually get sent home for speaking English. By Rachel O’Neill Sunday 5 Aug 2018, 8:00 PM Aug 5th 2018, 8:01 PM 4 amigosdecontreras ,373 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4143145 Share1 Tweet Email IF YOU DIDN’T get to attend the Gaeltacht then it’s safe to say that you probably missed out. Our parents sent us to the other side of the country just to get us out of the house for three weeks. Source: GIPHYFor some of us, the memories are crystal clear while others have started to fade. It’s unfortunate that the most embarrassing memories are always the ones that refuse to go away.Nevertheless, here’s 14 tweets that will bring back those sweet, sweet memories.Some of us never had the pleasure of being shipped halfway across the country.random I know but genuinely disappointed I never got to go to a gaeltacht— stack,lucy (@lucystaack) July 22, 2018But not everyone who did enjoyed it.I don't trust people who really enjoyed the Gaeltacht when they were younger tbh— Aifric (@aifreckle) December 11, 2016Packing for it was an absolute nightmare.Going to the Gaeltacht for a week tomorrow, the bag I am bringing with me you's swear I was off for the summer— Amy Fay (@amyfay711) July 14, 2018Once you got there, it was clear that a lot of people wanted to do more than learn Irish.Love island reminds me off the Gaeltacht because you’ve got a bunch of people shipped off to a foreign place for a certain amount of time and everyone’s dying to come home in a relationship— Emily Mulgrew (@EmilyMulgrew) July 19 Canada Goose , 2018Not even in the Gaeltacht 24 hours and the first question the girls ask me 'amy do you have a boyfriend' LADS IM GAY— Amy Fay (@amyfay711) July 15, 2018While you might have been down to shift, it didn’t always go your way.In first year I went to the Gaeltacht with school and nobody there kissed me because on my first night I had really bad trapped wind and ended up falling off my top bunk bed and landed belly first on a stool and let out the biggest fart in a room full of people.— 🐴 (@erica__finn) July 10, 2018If you weren’t looking for the shift, you were looking for naggins and you’d go through extraordinary lengths to get them.When younger sister is away at the Gaeltacht….— Madeline Ronayne (@madelineronayne) July 21, 2017Speaking English was the worst crime you could commit.On the phone to Robyn down the Gaeltacht and she stops talking and all I hear is, "Tar isteach Bean an tí" hahah little pussy— Smurf ' (@smurf164_) July 16, 2018And if you get caught you’d be packing your bags.I’ve just met someone who was legitimately thrown out of the Gaeltacht as a teenager for getting caught speaking English! I thought this was just a myth! It actually happened?!— Ciara King (@iamCiaraKing) November 26, 2017Some would argue that we didn’t learn much Irish.Only remotely cultural thing I've done in this part of the world was to translate Salt-N-Pepa's 'Push It' into Irish on a Gaeltacht course.— Paul Howard (@AkaPaulHoward) December 2, 2016But the friendships you made were stronger than jet fuel.Cute story ; Went to Gaeltacht 6 years ago and yesterday at longitude I seen the girl I shared a house with and felt like we never left eachother— sorayaaa (@sorayamuresanx) July 16, 2018And then you’d come home and want to do it all again.Post Gaeltacht depression is the worst thing in the world my god— Ellen Hanley (@ellenhanleyyy) July 21, 2018But the truth is you can never really escape it.Have I actually received a GDPR email from the Gaeltacht that blacklisted me for having a naggin of vodka in my bag in 2012? You can take your GDPR and shove it up do thóin, Príomhoide Máire Treasa.— Fíona (@FionaCuffed) May 24, 2018Because the people you met will always be there on social media.Why do I consistently reply to the most random ppls insta stories when I’m drunk like;people I havent seen in 3 years from the Gaeltacht? ‘YOURE SLAYING GIRL’ my mams weird friend on insta?‘Oh I hope ur over to ours soon miss u sharon’ my brother?‘Haha how you miss u bro’— juicy couture curran (@joey__curran) July 21, 2018canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka