According to the Dallas Police Association president Ron

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cheap Canada Goose This is the slowest the police have been since 2007, according to the Dallas Morning News.Police Chief David Brown called the slowdown an consequence of reforms that include additional training in de escalation techniques and proper use of force, especially when dealing with violent or mentally unstable people. Speaking to the city council Public Safety Committee on Monday, Brown argued the training would result in safer interactions with the public and fewer shootings.waiting for cover, canada goose online uk reviews that doing things slower, that taking more time instead of rushing in and having to canada goose outlet legit use excessive force is causing response times to go up, Chief Brown said.According to the Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston, however, the slowdown has more to do with officers fearing prosecution for doing their jobs.bottom line is response times are up, violent crime is up, and officers are fed up, Pinkston told KTVT. Motivation is a little lacking cheap Canada Goose.