“All we want is our water back so we can get back to normality

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Canada Goose Jackets Dozens of Chellaston residents angry at being without water for up to TEN daysIt is unclear what is behind the problems”We have had poor water pressure ever since we moved in back in November, but things have got canada goose outlet in chicago so much worse. We have been using baby wipes to freshen ourselves up and it has been nearly a week since our little boy Oliver J has had a canada goose outlet vip bath, which is just totally wrong.”We only have enough water to flush the toilet once a day as well and this totally unacceptable.”When we do have a small amount of water coming through, we just don’t have enough to have a bath or a wash, or anything, really.”With all canada goose clothing uk this hot weather taking place, someone needs to take responsibility, nobody wants to take control and they just keep passing it on.”All we want is our water back so we can get back to normality.”All the latest news from ChellastonMany residents stated that they started seeing a reduced level in their water pressure nearly two weeks ago and things have been getting worse ever since.May have complained of water coming out at a trickle or in short fits goose outlet canada and bursts and others have said that their taps have no water even when the canada goose outlet phone number taps are turned on full.Some say canada www.canadagooseoutletjackets.com goose outlet online store the water pressure changes throughout the day, with canada goose kensington parka uk some having better pressure in the morning and others in the afternoon, but this can change to no water at all.Many stated that have been without water for between seven and ten days and have had to go to friends canada goose outlet official or family members to get showered or wash their clothes.The worst affected area is Walden Close, but people have also canada goose outlet 2015 had problems with water pressure on Kingsgate Road which is also in Regents Place. The full extent of the problem is unclear.People living in Ripley Avenue, also on the estate, have had no such issues.Terri Jones, who works at Rolls Royce, also lives on Walden Close.The 23 year old suffers from Crohn’s disease and stated she has been without water for around ten days.She said: “It has been a complete nightmare and I hope Severn Trent and Persimmon Homes sort out the issues as soon as possible. Canada Goose Jackets

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