Almost everybody forgot that about it straight away but I

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When you develop a new skill, be ready to do it quickly and excellently on a moment’s notice. Take my work going through emails, for example. There isn’t time to parse through them word for word. The game has been out long enough to warrant a review. That and I had to pry myself away from it long enough to write about it. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is basically a trip to the past through the antagonist eyes.

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Riot has the data on the things you complaining about (snowball, length of games, frequency of surrender.) they make the changes if they feel like it needed. For the record almost all (a very small sample) of my latest games have been close except one where my botlane fed a Brand a double kill at lvl 2, he went mid at lvl 4 and got a kill, roamed top and got a kill, went back bot and killed me (jungler). And even that game wasn a 15 minute surrender..

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