Also, this week, the UN, the United Nations, is kicking off a

I hope this time around, Punekars take the rule seriously and abide by it. I don understand why we find it difficult to follow orders, especially when it is for our own good. Maybe, some serious action like this against non helmet users may help. They are against breeding animals for pet ownership, but adopting animals from the shelter system is categorically more like rescuing them.deadbike 1 point submitted 8 hours agoImagine there is 12 cars of space on two lanes, the merging lane is 12 cars full while the other lane is 6 cars full. With the zipper merge suggestion, the merging lane is not fully utilizing the roadway because it is skipping merging opportunities to arbitrarily try to merge at the end of the lane rather than at the earliest opportunity. It’s effectively backing up 12+6 cars for longer time rather than just 12.

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I dislike policing table talk and the politics of partners is just annoying. When you in a couple, it falls too easily into a dynamic of either one couple versus another or a gender war, neither of which is what I really looking for in a game night. And when I was a kid, it seemed like the entire purpose of partners was to compete with my sister to see who would get partnered with my dad, because he was better at cards than my mom..

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