Alternatively, turn to Yapta, a site that tracks the cost of

canada goose The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Holiday Travel Cheapism Nov. 25, 2014, 10:18 AM Flickr / Michiel JelijsTraveling here, there, and yon over the holidays need not leave you insolvent. There are workarounds galore that savvy travelers can use to find huge savings on both airfare and hotels. Below are the best tips we could find to help you land a holiday travel deal, whether you’re visiting family or taking a vacation. 1. U.S. airlines are required to let you hold domestic tickets for up to 24 hours at a locked-in price while you decide whether to go for it, or cancel within that window and receive a refund. 2. Look into the price-drop payback offer from the website CheapAir, which refunds up to $100 for any post-purchase change in airfare for an identical itinerary. 3. Alternatively, turn to Yapta, a site that tracks the cost of flights, hotels, and cars and sends alerts when prices fall. If you’ve already purchased a flight, you may be eligible for a refund on a number of major airlines depending on the size of the price drop. 4. If you already know your December travel destination, book ASAP to snag the cheapest seats. 5. For Thanksgiving travel, just make sure to book flights more than 10 days in advance. Last year prices remained relatively stable until then, according to travel startup Hopper. 6. If you like to gamble, wait to buy a ticket until the day before you want to travel. Airlines often sell empty seats for extremely low prices to avoid a total loss on those spots. 7. If you’re doing multiple searches a day for airline tickets, clear your browser’s cookies or search in private browsing mode. Otherwise, websites will inflate the price based on your browsing history. 8. Try Skyscanner, a comparison site for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The site also compiles results from other search tools. 9. Cross-check prices on Momondo, another global price aggregator that may yield cheaper results. 10. Before purchasing a flight, be sure to check the airline’s website. Sometimes deals from the primary source are the cheapest of all and include additional benefits, such as lower fees. Where will you be for the holidays?Flickr / Porto Bay Events 11. If you’ve narrowed your flight options to one and you’re flying internationally, look at the foreign version of the airline site, such as instead of The price may be cheaper if you book in an alternate currency. 12. Try planning the flight via alternate routes. If you live near multiple airports, explore all options. 13. If possible, schedule your travel during non-peak times — such as the day of the holiday — when airfare is cheaper. 14. Take note of travel-related miles or points earned through your credit card. These add up and can help underwrite the cost of a vacation. 15. When booking a flight, search multiple dates. Tools such as Kayak feature a “flexible” function that compares all prices for your itinerary within three days on both sides of the selected travel dates. 16. Frequent flyers should take advantage of the rewards programs for their favorite airlines. Points build over time and can be used to upgrade a seat or cover the cost of the ticket. 17. Check into the budget airlines, a few of which don’t show up on aggregator sites. Low-cost carriers forgo some of the amenities that legacy carriers provide, but the tickets are often significantly cheaper. Be sure to note any extra fees (e.g., for choosing a seat), which mount quickly. 18. If you’re not particular about where you go on vacation, sign up for alerts from websites such as Travelzoo and Airfare Watchdog, which alert subscribers to huge savings and extremely cheap flights. 19. To save on lodging, stay on the periphery. Hotels are cheaper farther away from the city center or the major attraction. 20. If possible, travel in groups. The cost of a hotel room split among four friends is way cheaper than a hotel room just for you. Hotels don’t have to cost a fortune.Flickr / Axel 21. Book hotels in advance, before they begin to approach full occupancy and rates start climbing. 22. For a hotel booking, check for a refundable deposit. If that’s an option, continue searching for deals and cancel if you spot (and book) a better rate. 23. For extreme last-minute travel plans , use the website Hotel Tonight, which offers unsold rooms at cost, resulting in prices as low as one-fifth of the original rate. 24. Be wary of relying on aggregators, such as Expedia. Such sites often put forward inflexible deals and may rely on a middleman, which boosts the price. Use these services as a research tool instead. 25. Always call hotels directly after doing online research. Hotels often try to beat, or at least match, the quoted online price. 26. For chain hotels , refer to the corporate websites when making reservations. You may find online-only discounts that are unknown to on-site employees and online aggregators. 27. If you’re a frequent traveler, join a hotel loyalty program. Perks include some combination of vouchers, free stays, free in-room Wi-Fi, and more. 28. Be aggressive about leveraging discounts available through organizations you belong to. AAA almost always offers special hotel discounts, as does AARP. Active-duty military personnel often qualify for discounts. 29. If you have friends or family members who work in the hospitality industry, ask if they can arrange a special deep discount for you. 30. If you’re looking for cheap lodging and amenities aren’t important, consider staying at one of the better budget hotel chains. How will you ring in the new year?Flickr / Porto Bay Events 31. Before booking a hotel room through a name-your-price website such as Priceline, turn to the site Better Bidding for a list of tricks that can yield welcome savings. 32. When traveling outside the United States, consider staying in hostels. You’ll sacrifice some privacy, but multi-person bunk rooms offer unrivaled rates and private rooms are often available. Hostels are also a great way to meet fellow travelers. 33. If even a hostel is too expensive, offer to work in exchange for lodging. Hostels short on staff may happily agree. 34. Book a room through Airbnb instead of a hotel. Airbnb posts lodgings rented out by locals in 190 countries. This is an opportunity to stay someplace homey and at a price that (usually) undercuts a hotel. 35. More adventurous travelers might try Home Exchange, a site that lists 55,000 homes in 150 countries. To use the service, you must list your home for use by another traveler and then you can search for one in your desired destination. If there’s a match (each party wants to visit the other’s location at the same time), you can swap homes at no cost for the length of your stay. 36. For the ultimate in cheap lodging, try Couchsurfing and join a community that spans 100,000 cities worldwide. Couch surfers search the site for an open couch or spare room wherever they might be passing through. The service is completely free, but it can be hard to break in, as hosts rely heavily on references — no surprise given the security issues involved. 37. Another route to free lodging is housesitting. The websites HouseCarers and Mind My House provide listings in multiple countries by people looking for someone to stay in and care for their homes with no money changing hands. 38. Servas, a web-based project of the International Peace Association, matches travelers to hosts in more than 100 countries for free. 39. To earn some money while on vacation and offset some of your travel costs, list your home on Airbnb. Check local ordinances to be sure this is legal in your city. 40. Likewise, rent out your car through Relay Rides while you’re traveling. Why leave the vehicle idle when it could be a source of profit? (Liability coverage is provided by the company.) 41. On the flip side, if you’re traveling somewhere and need a car, turn to car-share programs. Relay Rides also connects car owners with people seeking short-term rentals, often at prices cheaper than car rental companies. Read the original article on Cheapism. Copyright 2018. Follow Cheapism on Twitter. SEE ALSO: How One Couple Earns Money While They Travel Around The World canada goose parka