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Canada Goose Jackets Chino Valley town council vows to continue prayerTwo days ago I reported that Mayor Chris Marley, mayor of Chino Valley, Arizona (and a Baptist minister whatever that is), has repeatedlybegun the town council meetings with canada goose outlet florida a Christian prayer. lied) and again praised Jesus at a meeting onFebruary 9. A rabbi in attendance, Adele Plotkin, objected vociferously, whereupon Plotkin had her heaved out of the meeting (the link includes a video).A little bird told me that both the ACLU and the Freedom from Religion Foundation have warned Mayor Marley that they have to canada goose parka outlet stop this unconstitutional practice now. That was confirmed by. Do you think the council willlisten?Hell, no! It Arizona, Jake. Chino Valley Review notes,they standing firm:Chino Valley has been ending its invocation with in Jesus name for years. The controversy began on Dec. 8 when a Chino Valley resident, Sherry Brown, objected to the practice.Marley said he drawing a line in the sand and the rest of the Town Council backed him up, saying they have no intention to change their invocation.After the Mayor chuckedout Rabbi Plotkin, the council voted to stick with Jesus. The mayor said this (my emphasis):the content of the invocations offered here in Chino Valley has become the subject of some contention, so we your Town Council will deal with it, Marley said in an opening statement. Bill of Rights protects us against the establishment of religion by the state, and yet it would appear that secular humanism with its mantra of political correctness has become just that, the state established religion which the First Amendment was supposed to protect us against.oath of office requires that we defend the Constitution, and yet we are being canada goose shop uk asked to give up our right to freely worship according to the dictates of conscience. As a nation, we have already lost a canada goose coats uk number of our canada goose outlet ontario freedoms: The right canada goose outlet winnipeg to peacefully assemble and our protection against unreasonable search and seizure are already canada goose outlet uk sale gone, and a number of others are being stripped away as we speak.can speak for the rest of the Council, but canada goose outlet price I believe it is time to draw a line in the sand, at least for me it is. discussing canada goose outlet new york city eight different options on how to handle the invocation at future Town Council meetings, the council voted that they would make no changes to canada goose outlet belgium the current canada goose outlet michigan tradition, which is a member of council gives the invocation without any guidance if they wish to be in the rotation to do so.believe that we as a council have every right to continue to offer the invocations, Marley said.I always amazed how state imposition of religion, as the town council is doing, is justified asadhering to the First Amendment. The founding fathers, who voted against opening the Constitutional Convention with a prayer, would surely canada goose outlet toronto disagree. Note too that Mareley argues that by opposing public Christian prayer, his detractors are trying to make secular humanism the state established religion! It hard to avoid canada goose outlet store near me calling people names when I hear crazy arguments like that. That is, religion is characterized as a religion!And the to freely worship canada goose stockists uk means, chowderheads, anywhere but atgovernmental functions! Why can Preacher Marley restrict his prayers to his house or to his Baptist Church? For some reason, these people feel that their to pray means a to impose their religious beliefs on others in a formal government setting. Would he sit quietly if a Muslim offered up a prayer to Allah? Or if canada goose outlet winnipeg address a Satanist proffered a prayer? I doubt it.What will happen? The die is cast:want the citizens to be aware, us standing canada goose outlet our ground, if this is challenged, it could cost the town money to defend it, Council canada goose outlet store calgary member Corey Mendoza said. I willing to do that. But we are representatives of the town, so speak up when you get a chance and we unite around this. it will cost them considerable money if there a lawsuit, and if they don give in, I suspect there will be. Although suchsuits require someone with to initiate them, canada goose clothing uk and there a certain peeved rabbi who, I think,does have that standing.When you are an elected representative, your job is to represent ALL your constituents, not just the ones that share your religious beliefs or lack thereof. not just your fellow religious), by all means pray, but in private. Personally, I think a prayer, in this case to Jesus, reminds participants of their commitment to Him, and makes them likely to favour co religionists.I think it also excludes those who don share that particular religion or have no religion, and it may make them act with undue animosity towards anything to do with canada goose outlet mall the religion.Well, the unreasonable search and seizure has some legs what with massive warrantless wiretapping and so on. Of course, these chowderheads probably voted, and continue to vote, for the people who are the biggest champions of unreasonable search and seizure.They canada goose outlet edmonton are like the GOP supporter I heard on the radio this morning hoping that Trump will raise the minimum wage. WTF?It clear that politics has devolved into 99% tribal identity andI have no canada goose outlet in usa idea what he talking about with the peacefully assemble bit is he talking about the Oregon terrorists? I hope not, but fear so.Orwellian doublespeak comes naturally to official canada goose outlet fundamentalists. It took me quite a while to realize that when my sect said, relentlessly search our beliefs to see if they are true they meant will relentlessly enforce our received dogma against even the faintest whiff of unorthodoxy I can still recall a little lightbulb going on when I realized that Truth was a different thing than truth, or the things that are true. The Truth) from any incursions of merely true things.General Agreement and minor correction.Agreement: A good number of politicians are clueless when understanding how the exercise clause and canada goose outlet locations in toronto the clause interrelate, even though there exists extensive canada goose outlet in vancouver court precedence on canada goose outlet in chicago the issue (for original intent I would recommend Madison canada goose factory outlet notes on the convention and Maier This is a case that is going cost Chino Valley residents valuable tax dollars without pun intended a prayer of winning.Minor correction: canada goose outlet germany During the Constitutional Convention, the members didn actually vote against an opening prayer. When Franklin proposed the motion, it was decided to table the motion and it was never brought to the floor again. It a minor difference but still a difference Canada Goose Jackets.