And now it seems that Michelle is her next victim but it’s all

This doesn only look at your win/loss record, but also the level of the opponent you are up against.MMR was developed due to the limitations of ELO origins in a 1v1 scenario. The idea of MMR popped up in previous games that needed to match make in team versus team scenarios, such as WoW Arena.Nowadays, the terms ELO and MMR are used pretty interchangeably.The TL;DR is that it the hidden ranking system that determines your matchmaking with other players.The way it works is that it determines how well you are performing with and against people of differing MMR levels. You gain or lose MMR points depending on winning or losing, the number of points you gain or lose is dependant on your team and your opponent MMR.For example, if your team average MMR is 100 and your opponent average team MMR is 50, you will gain very little points for winning and lose a lot of points for losing due to the huge MMR difference.The idea of MMR is to find a balance for each player so that they are consistently playing people within their own MMR range.

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