Arms and legs are merely paper cutouts allowed to dangle at

Felt we had no where to go, two wonderful people, Jenice McCardell and Mark Currier began a mission of mercy. They own Clay Creations at 220 Main St. And invited many of the Artists in town to set up shop in what was the old Funky Rose. Arms and legs are merely paper cutouts allowed to dangle at will. You could place a sign in their hand by using a thin stick or place the stick behind them and cut the sign into a shape that lets viewers know the sign wording is revealing their thoughts or attitude.For Thanksgiving, merely sit them in front of a cornucopia or autumn display. For Christmas, you could plop a Christmas hat on their head or give them an angel halo by twisting golden pipe cleaners or wire that you then dangle above their head.Candy Corn PumpkinFor a startling, yet impressive holiday look, this Halloween pumpkin takes advantage of traditional Halloween candy corn to give the appearance of fur.

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