At 4,275mm, the CX 3 is fractionally longer than a Juke, but

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buy canada goose jacket A subtly rising waistline and sloping roof give the car a more coupe like appearance.At 4,275mm, the CX 3 is fractionally longer than a Juke, but it’s lower, at 1,550m tall. It’s 1,765mm wide, with a 2,750mm wheelbase 40mm longer than the Nissan’s so there should be a little more legroom inside for those in the front as well as the back.The cabin features a host of tech and design elements you’ll also canada goose sale uk find on the latest generation of Mazdas. The dash layout is centred around the driver, like an MX 5’s, with a head up display, larger central instrument binnacle and seven inch floating infotainment system, operated by a swivel wheel on the centre console. buy canada goose jacket

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