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buy canada goose jacket Three days after the disaster, the streets of the provincial capital Palu were still covered in debris and bodies thrown about by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that triggered tsunami waves canada goose outlet online reviews up to three meters high (10 feet).Conditions in the devastated area are grim, with food and water supplies running low and canada goose outlet orlando few buildings sturdy enough to offer safety from any aftershocks.As they waited for aid Sunday, survivors took matters into their own hands, entering shops and wheeling canada goose outlet store montreal away trolleys filled with food and water. At a gas station Monday, a CNN crew canada goose outlet legit saw people opening up a tank from under the ground and using ladles to scoop up fuel.Hundreds rushed to the airport hoping to catch one of the few flights out of the area. One man told CNN Monday canada goose outlet paypal he had been waiting there two days. buy canada goose jacket

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