Attack speed will provide an awesome damage boost to your

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I just after that fight finally got Kaoms so 7.2k HP now. Agony is 6L and ive tried multiple gem setups, not sure about GMP as it takes too much reservation.

canada goose coats on sale Im running golems jewels for 3 golems in a 6L helm and a Quill Rain with Curse on Hit and Proj Weakness and life on hit as both minions do Projectiles and I proc EE on hit gloves are Elder Poison socket for 100% chance to poison and I have RT so I dont miss, knockback is super handy for delve encounters as I can just spam and knock them back away and.72% physical leech on 120 tooldips dps on 12 mana cost can sustain infinite during packs canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk outlet The best gems for HoA as a minion appear canada goose parka outlet uk to be Minion Dmg, Dmg on Full life, Vicious and Vile Toxins and then +3 Empower but im running Withering Touch for the gained Chaos. I think I can refund 1 reservation node when I get Empower. Toxic Rain is better for bosses/Delve clear but RoA is better for everthing else for procing poison stacks quickly (barrage is bad for me as I play on a xbox controller) canada goose uk outlet

jankiest build ive ever played Pathfinder with canada goose outlet reviews minions

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canadian goose jacket When I was pushing for canada goose outlet uk 100, it was generally with 1 2 friends and then we filled canada goose outlet winnipeg the group with others for quant. We just made it clear to everyone that if they wanted to stay and get tons of free xp, they had to trade us any chisels/alchs/div cards they picked up. Everything else was FFA pick up whatever you want. And then anything worth 50c+ they would trade to us, we would sell, and then split with them. The splitting was a bit canada goose outlet website legit of a hassle, but people normally stayed long enough because they were basically getting free T15/T16 map spam and I never had any complaints canadian goose jacket

MerikittyDirectX11 is now 30% (up from 3%)

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canada goose coats level 4 empower can help, but i have to canada goose outlet sale admit: even elder and shaper melt down on that 4L setup and investing into anything different would prob be more clever either more clearspeed by rigwalds, xophs amulet if you dont own that, a decent corrupted frostferno, a +1 quill rain or anything else if you own everything already, +4 empower can add more power to something that is already facerolling everything, but i would invest into +1 max kaoms etc instead at that point, damage is by far the least problem of this build. some higher max res could help a lot tho! also assassin mark on hit shaper ring would be a huge QoL and free some gem slots 🙂 canada goose coats

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Hmm. Your gear isn really terrible for T5 maps. but I pick up a 5 6link instead of that tabula since you already in t5 maps. Champions are all about damage. They have very little survivability outside of Fortify.

I assuming you have removed some gems from your character because other cheap canada goose than fortify, you have no other defensive layers. You need to get a CwDT + Enfeeble in your build.

Your flasks are shit. You need a “of staunching” flask in your build to remove bleeds. You also need a freeze removal flask. These aren optional, canada goose discount uk they mandatory.

canada goose store Your weapons are fine, but once you get into the mid 70s, you might want to start looking for a 300+DPS foil or Corsair Sword to use as a weapon, as well as a better stat stick other than the prismatic eclipse. canada goose store

You have way too many leech nodes. Drop the 2 extra mana leech nodes and invest them in the lower half of the damage semicircle for swords on the left side of the tree.

cheap canada goose uk For dual strike, you want attack speed, and attack damage, as well as chance to bleed. Pick up those nodes first. Forget about Weapon Artistry and Aspect of canada goose outlet germany the Panther on the right side, and just go straight for the sword weapon damage and attack speed nodes on the right side of the tree. Attack speed will provide an awesome damage boost to your double strike. It ALL about that attack speed. Once you get into level 80 something, you can invest into Crit if you want. cheap canada goose uk

But the biggest thing: Don ignore defensive layers. Get an ancestral warchief and put a blind gem on it. Blinded enemies have a much higher chance to miss their attacks on you. I also drop the belt of the deceiver for some 2 socket tombfists, and get a Stygian Vise. Get some decent jewels in there that provide added life and damage and you be ok.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale TLDR: Fix your tree a bit, get Enfeeble in your set up, get an Ancestral Warchief with Blind on it. Merlins Beard, get a staunching life flask. Change your tabula to an actual armor piece with stats, preferably a 5 6 link Astral Plate Canada Goose Coats On Sale.