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This negative gravity (the result of negative mass) pushes on galaxies holding them together. When they should tear themselves apart; as the galaxies are spinning faster than the gravity available to hold them together (visible matter). Something is holding them together.

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Not to mention the much greater difficulty of building infrastructure in the atmosphere. People forget how colonization works: cities are built modularly over time, often with lower quality construction initially. Setting up the economic and infrastructure base of a floating colony is much harder than a surface colony.

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It is a matter of simply being the best self that you can be so that you can give what you came here to give. You came here to give your heart and soul. I did too. This technique does not give a sense of the people as we cannot see clearly their faces. These images give only a sense of how the landscape affects the people; in Berlin the men, all in army uniform, are engulfed in a white snow scene reminiscent of being trapped in a perpetually shaken snow globe. In Tel Aviv the purple hue of the night sky and artificial lighting renders the sky and lights center stage; the people seem to be mere actors in a scene that is played out over and over again.

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