But that is a weak counter to the arguments for greater

Maybe not. But that is a weak counter to the arguments for greater transparency, and never mind fussing about the tone. Once more, with feeling: In Ottawa, money sloshes around like water in a tub. And being at a definite disadvantage in our legal system is one of the MYRIAD things that affect poor people. Like worse public health outcomes, worse educational outcomes, blah blah. Our system really causes poor people to get an unfairly short end of the stick, even relative to the poor in other developed countries..

Outlaw sacrifices himself for priestess and is killed by wyverns. Priestess is pissed and because the Doom Slayer, but for wyverns. Priestess steals egg and wyvern milk off the alpha and raises the wyverns. Decades later, I inherited those and other mature olive trees, some of them centuries old. But with the death of my father, and with me being in America, my agrarian dreams shattered. A person from my village mismanaged my olive trees pretty badly.

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