But they have not explained why they were pictured walking

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replica Purse Russian assassins had ‘night of drugs and prostitutes’ before travelling to Salisbury for Novichok attackA guest staying in the same hotel claimed he could smell weed coming from the suspects’ room and said he heard “really loud sex”Novichok suspects claimed they were visiting Salisbury cathedral but went TWO miles in wrong directionThe unnamed guest says he is 100 percent sure he bumped into Petrov, though he didn’t speak to him.He says he complained to reception about the noise and the cleaner had to spend the next day clearing up their mess.The two Russians checked out the following morning and headed to Salisbury on March 4.Petrov and Boshirov have claimed they were visiting Salisbury cathedral on the day the Skripals were poisoned, replica designer bags wholesale but they had gone nearly two miles in the wrong direction.Hours after their 30 minute whistlestop tour, they were on a plane back to Moscow, but denied the purpose of their trip was to assassinate Skripal.Skripal Novichok poisoning suspects ‘may have been lovers on romantic holiday to UK,’ Russian media speculatesIn an interview on the Russian state funded RT news channel this week, they denied working for the Russian intelligence service and claimed to be victims of a “fantastical coincidence”.They said they left the Wiltshire city because of heavy snow after half an hour.But they have not explained why they were pictured walking together round the corner from Sergei Skripal’s house, in the opposite direction to the cathedral.After their images were released by the British government, neighbours also claimed to have seen Petrov and Boshirov loitering in a children’s playground yards from Skripal’s home.An elderly local resident who tipped off police about aaa replica bags the sighting told the Mirror earlier this ouis vuitton replica handbags month: “There were some men on that playground I remember that, I remember thinking it was odd.”They were too old to be in there, looked tough.”I thought it was odd at the time but what replica designer bags am I going to do replica wallets call police about grown men sitting on a swing. Then Sergei gets poisoned and I began to think oh god was that them?”I’ve told the police this before. I think it’s why it got cordoned off.”I think they sorted themselves out there, watched for Sergei’s car to go, high end replica bags and got in and out.”The two Russian men broke their silence to Russian state funded news channel RT a week after Britain accused the pair of carrying out the failed hit.They said they are the men pictured in CCTV images, but claim they travelled to the UK for just 48 hours as tourists after friends had suggested “for a long time” that they replica bags online visit the “wonderful town” in Wiltshire.In Britain, the interview was quickly labelled a farce, with the Government saying it was full designer replica luggage of “lies”.Subscribe to our Daily news newsletterEnter emailSubscribeNewsallMost ReadMost RecentLidlLidl staff call police after couple try to buy bottle of GIN while shopping with 11 and 14 year old daughtersThe Lidl cashier refused to sell Jackie Chandler, 41, and her husband Gary Sprake, 43, a good quality replica bags bottle of pink gin because their eldest daughter Ella May, 14, did not have ID replica Purse.