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When shrunk, there is a gap between wood and concrete. Thats where the water that drips down the post goes. The rot that happens is not in the area you can see, its below concrete level.. The team observed that the high viral load caused the release of proteins called cytokines and they were at their highest levels in people who died. In these people there was also a loss of lymphocytes in the blood and scientists believe that both factors caused lung damage, and in some cases, death. Therefore the higher the viral load the greater the chances of death, and so medicines such as Tamiflu, which can reduce the amount of virus in the body will be of benefit.

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Seasonal markets sprout up in nearly every county as far north as Sussex to down at the southern shore in Cape May County. Leaders and business people in the community have recognized that smart consumers want to improve their diets through purchasing fresh produce. However, these markets go beyond, by providing economic viability and enhancing the quality of life in each community that creates this farm fresh experience..

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