Conversation pauses as diners watch a server decorate a plate

Durgin Park, a Faneuil Hall mainstay that has served Bostonians and tourists alike for almost 200 years, is scheduled to close for good this Saturday. While there are still rumors that a potential buyer could surface in the 11th hour, this weekend will likely be your chance to grab one last bowl of Indian Bread Pudding and pay your respects. (Thursday, Jan.

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Good call. The silver cart bearing a hunk of meat in rotation roast beef, leg of lamb, pork celine replica rack is a substantial pleasure, part entertainment, part feast. Conversation pauses as diners watch a server decorate a plate with just carved slices of roast (crisp edged rosy beef, in my case), and make it more of a meal with creamed horseradish, Yorkshire pudding and a choice of two vegetables.

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That’s not to say the Mad Major only saw air action. One day, while fixing his plane, German infantry attacked, so Carpenter commandeered a Sherman tank and started unloading its machine gun. A bit overzealous, he chased the infantry down and accidentally shot an Allied tank in the pursuit.

In an effort to protect the rights of the birds, the police didn’t confirm whether this little fella was captured with glowstick covered wings while giving blowjobs in a warehouse, but I think it’s safe to assume that yes, that happened and this cutest drug mule was giving mad beak to whoever wanted some. Because that’s what a pigeon laden with ecstasy does. So there’s a cute bird story to forward your aunt..

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