Democrats won big in North Carolina and in some other racing

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canada goose clearance sale Trump defends Roy MooreEven Republicans have distanced themselves from the hyperconservative creationist Alabaman canada goose outlet Roy Moore, now accused of sexual assault and harassment, and previously infamous for installing the Ten canada goose outlet authentic Commandments in front of canada goose outlet nyc the Alabama Supreme Court and having been removed from a state Supreme Court judgeship not once, but twice. As you probably know, he now running as a Republican for Jeff Sessions Senate seat. The Republicans have run away from Moore faster than if he were a skunk with his rear pointed at them, and even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has floated the possibility of expelling Moore from canada goose outlet michigan the Senate for immorality and unfitness for office were Moore to be elected.When someone seen by Republicans as a a discredit to their own canada goose outlet store near me party, you know he a disaster. Yet, according to CNN, Trump has just but endorsed Moore:President Donald Trumpon Tuesday defended embattled Alabama Republican Roy Moore, all but endorsing canada goose outlet near me the canada goose factory outlet toronto location Senate candidate who has been accused of sexual assault.. don need a liberal person in there, canada goose outlet vancouver a Democrat, Jones. I looked at his record. It terrible on crime. It terrible on the canada goose uk border. canada goose outlet mall It terrible on military, Trump said. can tell you for a fact we canada goose outlet canada do not need somebody who going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad for the military, bad for the Second letting you know next week, he said, when asked whether he will campaign with Moore.Trump repeatedly emphasized that Jones has denied the allegations brought against him.Trump declined to say whether he believed Moore denials, but when asked he again pointed to the denials.he denies. I mean, he denies. I mean, Roy Moore denies it. And by the way, it is a total denial. And I do have to say 40 years is a long time. He run eight races and this has never come up. Forty years is a long time, Trump said, pointing to the amount of time that has passed since the alleged behavior.And indeed, Moore does deny it, so I, at least, wouldn immediately pronounce him guilty of the initial count, and can really rule him unfit for having asked out women of canada goose outlet legit legal age when he was older. But I believe canada goose outlet sale that other allegations of sexual assault have come forth since I canada goose outlet us been in Mexico and without the American news.Regardless, though, even if he completely innocent of the accusations, he still unfit to serve. The man is simply a brainless ball of right wing ideology marinated in evangelical Christianity. It a recipe for disaster, even for Republicans. If Trump had any brains (a debatable issue), he wouldn endorse or campaign for Moore. But who has ever praised the neuronal complement of The Donald? So while the Republicans are destroying themselves through a lack of cohesion canada goose outlet phone number and an inability to get anything done, even with a Republican legislature, President, and Supreme Court, the Democrats have a chance to pull together. Sadly, we just as riven by identity politics as the GOP is by various degrees of cluelessness and stupidity. canada goose premium outlet Some say that they HEARD THIS AT THE TIME, others in the years since. These people include five members of the local legal community, two cops canada goose kensington parka uk who worked in the town, several people who hung out at the mall in the early eighties, and a number of former mall employees above are all cases of people reporting what they heard. the person who issued the alleged ban or the people [security] who would have been told to enforce the ban. Seems close to rumours if the above is all there is.Security was, among others I assume, a Gadsden police officer, J. D. Thomas he retired it said he told people at the Mall that Moore was banned. It is hard to do: the Liberal government here claimed they do something about it, but they have not as yet in fact they claimed canada goose outlet store calgary that there no support canada goose outlet germany for it (after all?), but the only consultation was in my view a push poll.How does one do it, because the existing parties benefit from the dysfunction, needless to say, and they are the ones who would have to craft legislation to change it!So: are there people here who live in countries where it changed and, if so, how did it happen canada goose outlet store toronto without creating a new constitution (as with, say, Germany).My first offering would be Don concentrate so much canada goose outlet belgium on the one office. The fixed vision of democrats seems to be on the President and that is all that matters. While doing so you lose all the states, their legislatures and governors. All politics is local and if you don believe this, just look at Alabama. Look at what they will accept for a senator, this scum Roy Moore. Well, maybe they won but right now it is 50/50 so he might.Look at what happened in the elections just a couple of weeks ago. Democrats won big in North Carolina and in some other racing around the country. They did it big because they ran new people and mostly women against the tired old republican male whites. And the killed them. So canada goose outlet edmonton what does that mean? In North Carolina they are tired of Trump and tired of republicans.Sooner or later the republicans are on canada goose jacket outlet uk the way out. They are a dead party that is owned by the richest people in the country and do not give a damn about the rest of us. Right now, as we speak, the republicans are putting everything they have on a tax bill for the very rich and a debt to the country of billions. It is a sick perversion and it is pure corruption of our so called democratic system.The moral decay of the gop on display once again. Child molester better than democrat. It is truly amazing how a couple decades of conservative canada goose outlet jackets hate radio and FOX news has turned democrats into a scapegoat for evil, god less, baby killers. Propaganda is a powerful tool indeed. Will it become dangerous in some areas of the country to have a Clinton bumper sticker?I’ve given a couple hundred bucks to Jones’ campaign. I hope others around the country who canada goose outlet website legit don’t live in Alabama understand how important it is that Moore does not canada goose jacket outlet become a Senator.It is also important to note that Moore isn’t just your run of the mill evangelical. He’s a dominionist that believes biblical law precedes the Constitution; he’s a theocrat through and through.But what are the “charges”? That he canada goose outlet buffalo dated teenagers, and there was no sex. There are several women who say that, and Moore admits it. There could be hundreds of those and they would not, by their sheer numbers, lend evidence to the claim he attacked anyone. The reverse actually right? A track record of not doing X is not evidence of doing X in a disputed case. Quite the opposite usually. What if, now, one grad student accuses Coyne of plagiarising his work? Coyness long record of not plagiarizing is relevant evidence right?We cannot abandon standards of fairness, evidence, and logic just because it’s convenient to do so with Roy Moore canada goose clearance sale.