Father Ted creator Graham Linehan tweeted the best memepic

canada goose Tags Just Say Yes repeal the eighth repealed See other tags Tags Just 15 great responses to the referendum’s landslide exit polls It was an emotional night. By Nicola Byrne Saturday 26 May 2018, 10:21 AM May 26th 2018, 10:21 AM 11,650 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4036304 Share645 Tweet Email WHEN THE NEWS broke last night that it looks like Ireland has voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, Twitter lit up.1. Father Ted creator Graham Linehan tweeted the best memepic.twitter.com/bhZGPrfHU3— Graham YES Linehan (@Glinner) May 25, 2018 Source: Graham YES Linehan/Twitter2. Joan Collins got in there with the obligatory ‘nice’RTÉ 69% obligatory nice.— Joan Collins T.D. (@JoanCollinsTD) May 25, 2018 Source: Joan Collins T.D./Twitter3. Some read a bit more out of Irish Times exit poll graphic4. Cillian Murphy and the Rubberbandits were correspondingpic.twitter.com/ETopYPCLwx— Rubber Bandits (@Rubberbandits) May 26, 2018 Source: Rubber Bandits/Twitter5. Even those down the canal drinking cans were delightedOkay the wave of “Yeowww” that spread down a boozy Grand Canal just now at news of the Irish Times exit poll was stunning 🌊— Stephen Moloney (@stphnmlny) May 25, 2018 Source: Stephen Moloney/Twitter6. You win some, you lose some7. Who saw it coming?2011 Poll : 80% in favour of repeal2012 Poll : 80% in favour of repeal2013 Poll : 80% in favour of repeal2014 Poll : 80% in favour of repeal2015 Poll : 80% in favour of repeal2016 Poll : 80% in favor of repeal2017 Poll : 80% in favor of repeal 2018 media : surprise result— Andy (@ImACultHero) May 26, 2018 Source: Andy/Twitter8. What’s in store for the evening so?exit polls show yes winning at 68% cautiously optimisticcautiously cauticacanscans cans cans loads of cans— Humans of The Sesh (@humansofthesesh) May 25 baertakreation , 2018 Source: Humans of The Sesh/Twitter9. The Father Ted references flew in#repealed pic.twitter.com/V7tRJ4n6TR— WorldCupCompliant (@JurassicArse) May 25 cheap canada goose sale , 2018 Source: WorldCupCompliant/Twitter10. We’re thinking of those dedicated voters todayimagine you skipped the trip to the massive sesh in lourdes to stay at home and vote no.— Patrick (@PrayForPatrick) May 26, 2018 Source: Patrick/Twitter11. The mountain meme returned for one night only#Togetherforyes#repealthe8th pic.twitter.com/ZpBZ1qbpJK— Annie West (@anniewestdotcom) May 26, 2018 Source: Annie West/Twitter12. Ireland is growing upI’m 99 years oldI can yawnI can kickI can finally respect women pic.twitter.com/SE7gToZEkr— Mallow News (@MallowNews) May 26, 2018 Source: Mallow News/Twitter13. So it deserves a better visual representationNew Irish flag pic.twitter.com/qzKmHs77z7— Mark O'Connell (@mrkocnnll) May 25, 2018 Source: Mark O’Connell/Twitter14. It’s time to reflect on tacticsTurns out, there actually *was* something to be said for another mass! #repealed pic.twitter.com/yzGLUZC0CQ— Dr Panti Bliss (@PantiBliss) May 25, 2018 Source: Dr Panti Bliss/Twitter15. What can we change next?Is 'mnáwesome' in the dictionary yet? Asking for a trend. #repealthe8th— Kendy Crush (@KennedyConnolly) May 25, 2018 Source: Kendy Crush/Twitter16. Now, we waitMy dad INSISTED we make this together ❤❤❤ #RepealThe8th #together4yes pic.twitter.com/ca6a2liCeq— Rebeccah Louise (@RebeccahLouise) May 25, 2018 Source: Rebeccah Louise/Twittercanada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka