First there is a blue beam of light and the victim becomes

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BTW, I have on more occasions than I can count brought my car to my mechanic to diagnose issues and they haven’t charged me a cent until they work on it. Sorry, but $50 to plug in a $200 piece of gear, see that it won’t turn on, and then say you can’t work on it without even bothering to do diagnostics or opening the case is robbery. Not to mention the shit customer service in the times I’ve gone there, they either take a month to even look at the thing, or they look at it and don’t even bother to call back to say whether they can work on it or not..

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The ACLU blames racial profiling, in part, on the war on drugs. While rates of drug use are consistent across the races, police have targeted minority communities, particularly in inner cities. Critics say that feeds a misconception that it’s “mostly replica hermes oran sandals minorities” who use and sell drugs, which in turn increases the distrust between police and minority communities..

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