Following the news of the corruption probe

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cheap air jordans The details were to be discussed at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.CBS Sports reportsJim Gatto, director of global sports marketing for Adidas Basketball, was among those arrested. Gatto is charged with 2 counts of wire fraud cheap jordans, wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy.According to the complaint, Gatto conspired to disguise the payments in Adidas books by using fake invoices and false entries.Following the news of the corruption probe, Adidas released a statement saying,In a statement issued Tuesday, Nike officials said Merl Code left the company 3 years ago and is no longer a Nike employee.They said the probe has revealed numerous instances in which bribes were paid by athlete advisers, including financial advisers and associate basketball coaches, to assistant and associate basketball coaches to exert influence over student athletes so the athletes would retain the services of those paying the bribes.In criminal complaints, investigators said basketball coaches have the ability to provide access to the student athletes to sports agents, financial advisers, business managers and others.many such coaches have enormous influence over the student athletes who play for them, in particular with respect to guiding those student athletes through the process of selecting agents and other advisers when they prepare to leave college and enter the NBA, the complaints said.investigation has revealed several instances in which coaches have exercised that influence by steering players and their families to retain particular advisers cheap jordans, not because of the merits of those advisers, but because the coaches were being bribed by the advisers to do so cheap jordans, the papers said.Person was arrested in Alabama; Bland in Tampa, Florida; Evans in Oklahoma; and Richardson in Arizona.Person, the associate head coach at Auburn University, was the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft in 1986 and was selected by the Indiana Pacers. He played for five NBA teams over 13 seasons.NCAA president Mark Emmert also released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying,The nature of the charges brought by the federal government are deeply disturbing cheap air jordans.