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This November, voters in Washington State will get to decide whether or not people should have the right to know if there are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food they buy when they vote on Initiative 522. Seattle is on the front lines of the GMO labeling front, after a similar ballot measure was defeated last year in California. Big agribusiness outspent the labeling advocates there 7 to 1, and the measure still came very close to passing..

Some people have no noticeable symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, those in the high risk group should consult their GP or healthcare providers as a matter of urgency for a blood fasting glucose test, (FBG) or an HbA1C, which buy replica bags online look at the fasting blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months. A glucose tolerance test (GTT) can also diagnose the condition..

But those who shun gluten (and don’t have celiac disease) may not be food faddists after all. Researchers are finally homing in on markers for gluten sensitivity in the body. A study from Giovanni Barbara and his team at the University of Bologna, Italy, suggests that gluten cheap designer bags replica sensitive individuals may harbor high levels of a molecule called zonulin that is linked to inflammation..

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