He had a simple proposition: take the chicken on to the

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cheap canada goose uk The combos are probably my favorite part, as there are so many weird ones to discover as you enact mayhem in creative ways.I do wish there were more than 9 missions/3 zones, since canada goose uk customer service you could hypothetically finish all the missions in about an hour if you canada goose outlet cheap don care about unlocking achievements (I have about 5 hours played with achievements 60% complete). I excited that they have a whole section already set up within the menus for user created mods (via unreal engine forums).You have to teleport near their bodies within about 35 seconds to get the chips, which add to multipliers bit by bit (I don think I ever gotten it past 10x).Spider bots are great for combos (pick up 2 and throw at another bot for triple explosion kill)shooting bots from far away and physically pulling them apart up close seems to drop the most chips.juggling is my favorite combo as you can keep juggle shoot them after they dead for increasingly high pointsYou can grab the flying rocket bots and fire their rockets 2 3 times.If you behead or de arm the fastbots you can pick up their green teleport type gun (drops on ground like a lightsaber handle) and use them on other bots to fling them around like marionettes. Should work with trigger button like any other weapon.bounce canada goose emory parka uk guns off bots to instantly reload (great for close combat w/ low ammo revolvers/shotgun)for the big bots you have to shoot the glowing nodes on knees and back cheap canada goose uk.