He told me not to worry because if anyone asked

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My biggest question is, is it bad because it difficult to sustain at, or because it actually unhealthy? It not like I been doing it for the last month, it been quite a bit longer, and i seen good losses at it. And I certainly not the only one i seen post on here that eats at that kind of deficit and has seen wild success. I certainly open to learning and changing, just difficult to see criticism in the face of success especially in an industry that rife with bias and falsehoods like weight loss is..

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Carpal Tunnel: Who is at RiskSometimes the smallest of injuries or conditions can limit a persons ability to do one’s job and ultimately keep a person out of work. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, once thought of as a “secretaries condition” can do just that. However it is not considered a small injury by any means..

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