He wants some $2 billion committed to the wall by this fall

What to watch for this week

cheap canada goose uk It feels like Washingtonis hurtling canada goose outlet paypal toward a breaking point on immigration this week. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Jackets President Trump is taking intense criticism from high profileconservatives for his administration’s policy of separating families at the getcanadagooseoutlet border. Canada Goose Jackets

Andthis week is likely Congress’s lastrealistic chance before the midterms to take actionon immigrants brought to the country illegallyas children. House Republicans will vote this week on two immigration bills after an uprising canada goose outlet in chicago from moderate Republicans toprotect those dreamers from deportation.

Canada Goose Parka All this means that bythe end of this week, we could have a clearer understanding of three big immigration policy fights right now: Canada Goose Parka

Will Trump’s administration feel pressured enough to end its policy of separating families at the border? Will Congress protect dreamers from deportationbefore it’s too late? Will Trump get funding he so desperately wants to start building his border wall, or will canada goose outlet he risk a government shut down in the fall over this? Here’s what to watch day by day this week:

Monday afternoon: Trump meets with two key Republican senators on how to fund his border wall. He wants some $2 billion committed to the wall by this fall,though the entire project isestimated to cost 10 times more than that.

canada goose factory sale Congress may not be able to get even the initial down payment to him. Democrats have been split on whether to okay billions for the wall, and the ones who agreed to it canada goose factory outlet vancouver want canada goose sale uk dreamers to become canada goose outlet store toronto citizens in exchange. But Trumpconsiders funding the wall a baseline job Congressshould do for him and is increasingly unwilling to negotiate on it. He almost vetoed a spending bill and shut down the government this spring because the bill didn’t have money for his wall. canada goose factory sale

What to watch for: Whether the border wall becomes a negotiating chip in ending family separations at the border. Funding the wall and how to deal with people at the border are technically two separate legislative debates right now, but Trump could demand cash now and tangle the two.

Speaking of…

canada goose clearance Tuesday night: Trump meets with House Republicans to talk about their immigration bills. canada goose clearance

There are two bills House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R Wis.) is allowing a vote on.

One is supported by hard line conservatives and is not expected to pass. Bob Goodlatte (R Va.), it would drastically cut legal immigration like family based immigration and a visa lottery.

Thesecond is a compromise bill forged by Ryan. Itis also pretty conservative, but it could get enough support from moderate Republicans to come close to passing the Housebecause it also offers a path to citizenship for dreamers.

On Friday morning, he trashed the more moderate bill in an interview with Fox News, saying he wouldn’t sign it into law. By Friday night, his staff had walked that back and indicated he’d sign it.

So now, GOP lawmakers who had been sticking their necks out for a compromise don’t really know canada goose outlet website legit what to believe. To put it bluntly, at this point they don’t trust what Trump tells them, so Trump will have some selling to do to give the canada goose outlet toronto location moderate bill which has the best chance of passing the House a boost.

This meeting is by far the most important development on immigration this week.

Canada Goose Outlet “I’m watching 100 percentthe president because nothing is going to happen without his approval,” said Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy expert with the libertarian leaning Cato Institute. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose uk black friday Later this week: The House votes on the two GOP immigration bills. It’s unclear whether either will have the votes to pass. canada goose uk black friday

Most Democrats don’t support either piece of legislation, and conservative Republicans don’t support the more moderate one (because it has a path to citizenship for dreamers), and moderate Republicans don’t want to drastically cut legal immigration.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Even ifsomething did pass the House, Democrats in the Senate will almost certainly block anything that cuts legal immigration. A number of canada goose outlet seattle Republicans are opposed to that, too. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Also later this week: Senate Republicans wait to hearfrom the Trump administration on whether they are separating families at the border who are asking for asylum, not just those crossing illegally. GOP Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Susan Collins (Maine) sent a letter to the Homeland Security chief asking why they’ve read news reports that parents who cross with children asking for asylum are separated when she has testified that doesn’t happen.

“These accounts and others like them concern us,” they wrote.

What to watch for: If the administration does acknowledge it’s separating people who say they are fleeing violence and oppression in their home countries, it could spur even more opposition in conservative ranks to Trump’s policy and put more pressure on him to end it.

Also sometime this week: Senate Democrats are trying to build support for their bill to end family separations.

canadian goose jacket What to watch for: Republicans aren’t expected tosupport this bill by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D Calif.), mostly because they don’t want to get into a direct conflict with Trump on a touchy subject. But Senate Democrats have shown a remarkable amount of unity on ending family separations. Could that pushSenate Republicans to pressure Trump to stop his most controversial border policy canada goose outlet england yet canadian goose jacket.