Healy went 13 21 in three seasons with the Governors

At this point you may be thinking, “Look, I pay people to do their jobs so all I have to do is tell them what to do and they will do it.” People want more than a salary. They want job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is especially important in small businesses where the “staff” may be family members, volunteers, part timers, and employees who wear multiple “hats,” and the where compensation may not be luxurious..

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Or by the usage of language. Thus any mixed drink is called {omicron iota nu omicron sigma}, ‘wine.’ Hence Ganymede is said ‘to pour the wine to Zeus,’ though the gods do not drink wine. So too workers in iron are called {chi alpha lambda kappa epsilon alpha sigma}, or workers in bronze.

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Visitation 5 7pm, Tuesday Jan. 15 at Henry W. Anderson Mortuary, 3640 23rd Ave S. This beautiful blue flag beach was voted one of the Seven Wonders in Portugal’s Beach Competition, held in 2012. Rightly so its setting in the very north west of the Algarve, where it borders the Alentejo, is spectacular. The river Seixe runs around one side of the beach and the sea the other.

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