However, things are not going to be that simple when taking an

After extensive searching, I haven been able to find the average GPA by department at the University. I have seen guesstimates for engineering, and at some point The Michigan Daily ran an article with the worst and the best, but that list was quite select. I emailed them for information on where they obtained their stats but never got a reply.Does anyone have any idea what the average GPA for the Department of Chemistry, Computer Science, or MCDB Department are?Is this the Daily article you thinking of?They got the information via a FOIA request, and probably could share with you if they still have it.

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More than one third of those Republican voters who said they decided not to switch to Jones gave a reason that fell into the category of just generally not liking him. Ten percent said they didn’t like his personal history. Attorney best known for finally putting Ku Klux Klan members behind bars for blowing up an African American church back in 1963.) Eight percent cited abortion as the reason..

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