I do not expect to be behind a desk a lot

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cheap jordans in china Get Rangers updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersOsijek’s Robert Mudrizija was the latest to take a pop at Rangers ahead of Thursday’s Europa League qualifying second leg, with the Croats talking a big game.Gerrard and his players, meanwhile, took to the training pitch with the manager’s cheap jordan basketball shoes insistence on raising standards following a friendly victory over Wigan still fresh.The Rangers boss wasn’t best pleased with his side in the first half of that pre season encounter at Ibrox, urging them to step it up and earn in a place qualifying round at the expense of their trash talking opponents.Gerrard spoke following the Wigan friendly and discussed what kind of Rangers team he’d hate playing against as an opponent.”I wouldn’t like an aggressive Rangers team or a Rangers team that is right in my face,” were his words and it looks like that message is already transferring on to the training pitch. Gerrard set his side up in a fast pressing, possession exercise and there was cheap jordans com real no holding back. Andy Halliday was pictured snapping into cheap jordans retro 11 a tackle on Ryan Kent and there was plenty of urgency across the board from the Rangers players. cheap jordans in china

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