I don know how it done in jazz

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canada goose uk outlet Charlie Parker: Embraceable YouTo canada goose outlet toronto factory me, one of the most amazing human activities is musical improvisation, especially in jazz. How can somebody come up with a new and appealing variation of a theme, and play it on the spot? It this instant translation of thought into music good music that so canada goose outlet location baffles me. Parker recorded both versions in New York City on October 28, 1947. canada goose outlet in chicago The differences between them, reflecting canada goose outlet vip Parker tastes at the moment of playing, are profound. I won go on about Parker, but would recommend a nice biography, not very scholarly but immensely readable: Bird Lives!The group is the Charlie Parker Quintet, including Duke Jordan on piano, Tommy Potter on bass, Max Roach on drums, and a young Miles canada goose outlet us Davis on trumpet. I like the first take better, but both are great. This is in fact my favorite Parker recording, for he was just as great on ballads like this as canada goose outlet ottawa he was on hard driving bebop.To me, one of canada goose jacket outlet toronto the most amazing human activities is musical improvisation, especially in jazz. How can canada goose outlet store montreal somebody come up with a new and appealing variation of a theme, and play it on the spot?Well if you were a fan of Indian classical music, like I am of both the varieties the northern and southern, your wonderment would never cease. Because a great like Ustad Ali Akbar Khan could play the same composition every evening for a week, and deliver it canada goose outlet in montreal differently each time. May canada goose womens outlet I suggest the album Venu by Hariprasad canada goose outlet orlando Chaurasia and Zakir Hussain, recorded in 1974 in Fairfax, CA?Parker in his prime stood about canada goose outlet miami ten paces ahead of everyone else, I mean everyone.can somebody come up with a new and appealing variation of a theme, and play it on the spot? By practicing and memorizing lots and lots of patterns. Not every phrase one hears is new. For instance, If you listen to Coltrane solo on the original Giant Steps, he canada goose outlet winnipeg plays the same lick on the third or fourth measure every chorus.2) By committing the changes to memory. By canada goose jacket outlet uk the time a performer performs a tune, he/she has probably practiced that tune for dozens of hours. There a collection of maybe about 150 tunes that most straight ahead jazz guys/gals are expected to commit to memory. Some of the more hardcore players try to memorize each tune in all 12 keys. Lots of tunes share the same chords (the chords for got Rhythm are simply known as Changes It becomes easier to solo over bebop and standards when you practiced playing over ii V for years. You start to see tunes not as a set of chords but a set of shorter progressions over which you already worked on. Giant Steps is an example, because it just ii V7 progressions in three different keys. If you know how to solo over that progression in all keys, it becomes much simpler.3) Becoming canada goose outlet real intuitively and intimately familiar with your instrument. Parker once stated that there was a period in which he was practicing 15 hours a day for three years. A Indian Vina player (can remember her name right now) claimed she had practiced 20 hours a day since she was a child, a task which was enforced by her teacher and a long stick.Improvisation (at least in Jazz) is not something one can just or bullshit. The difference between someone who plays jazz and someone who makes noises is thousands of hours of practice.As an aside, Parker used to play canada goose outlet in new york funny (for him) tricks on his fellow musicians. While in the middle of a tune, we would skip up and start playing a measure ahead of everyone else. What a lovable rascal.Anybody interested in unweaving this particular rainbow should read a couple books by Jerry Coker: Elements of the Jazz Language for the Developing Improvisor and Improvising JazzUnderstanding the basic principles is trivial. Mastering the art of doing it takes at least a lifetime of it like chess. It not hard to learn the rules of the game. Anybody with even a trivial interest in it canada goose uk site will soon learn a canada goose outlet reviews few standard opening moves and basic mid and end game strategies. Damn few go on to become grandmasters.The story goes that a square ish journalist once asked Miles Davis why Parker had been called and when Miles blew her (iirc) off, she informed him haughtily that she already knew the answer anyway. Miles sez (from memory; can find on tubes) you got a secret? Lady, I knew Bird. He stole my money and pawned my canada goose outlet michigan suitcase. I used to put him to bed canada goose outlet official with the needle still in his arm and him bleeding all over the place. Put that in your article. a canada goose outlet kokemuksia lovable rascal, indeed.Actually, everybody who knew him, including Miles, does seem to have loved him.Andrew has it right about improvization. There are various canada goose uk stages of growth canada goose outlet montreal of a canada goose outlet store toronto jazz musician. First, playing jazz lines or arrangements that others have written or played. Then, playing in a way canada goose outlet (I did this for years, unfortunately for me). Finally, improvizing truly original and creative music. At least, that how it was canada goose sale uk with me. There is also lots of technical knowledge to be aquired, including music theory and the jazz literature (the heads and changes) as well as musicianship (instrumental technique, playing in rhythm, ear training and the like). Also, of the greatest importance is listening to lots of great music and musicians and getting to play with them. This is a life long process and only ends when the musician is unable to play but the journey is truly worth the effort.I don know how it done in jazz, but in India classical music, the instrument is an accessory to the voice, even when the recital is purely instrumental. melodists and even percussionists in the old style begin with voice training, and depending upon https://www.canadagoose-jackets-online.com the school they work with (which could be the family tradition as in the case of most Pandits and Ustads) canada goose jacket outlet store they branch out into melody or percussion after about 2 3 years, with percussionists branching out before the melodists. Voice is important for percussionists as well because in Indian music percussion is temporal as well as melodic. Practice regimes (as everywhere else) are brutal, until the instrument becomes an extension of the voice. Mastery of melodic scales and raga takes years and all improvisation is based on them canada goose uk outlet.