I dread them more than I enjoy them

Temper Tantrum Tuesday y u so mad tho

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canada goose black friday sale Both my and my husband families mostly live within an hour or so of us, so theoretically it shouldn be a big deal to see everyone. But we have his mom side. His dad side. His step mom side. My dad side. And then with my mom it extra nutso. Half her side hates the other half and they each want their own separate event. And then she canada goose outlet store new york wants our Christmas Eve Chinese dinner like we done for about 20 years. And then a separate Christmas Morning at her house with just brother/me/parents. And then canada goose outlet there will be a guilt trip about why we aren going to church with her. canada goose black friday sale

I sort tempted to tell everyone to pick one: Thanksgiving or Christmas. One. And you get half a day. One, my dog ate some before I saw it and bad canada goose clothing uk people leave food out to poison dogs so that scared me. Two, we live in the goddamn woods. We’re in a very rural area with lots of animals. Foxes, coyotes, and even bears have been sighted. If animals start coming here to feed, so will their predators. We already have a fox living super close by.

And then, I emailed my apartment manager to tell her to please send an email telling people to not leave food out, and she sent out a generic “clean up your garbage” email! This woman hates confrontation so much that she will never directly address a problem. This wasn’t a “oops dropped my apple” moment, this was food deliberately spread around an area where animals are known to be!the things people feel personally privy to, especially strangers is astounding. it all in how you ask of course, but i was out just browsing the shops before i head home. i eyeing a striped cardigan when this woman just comes up to me, no hello, greeting, nothing: “are you a size 4?” it the holidays so i had people ask me this question more than i usually do, and i can recognize it usually helpful for people who have grandchildren, friends, whatever similar to my build so i try to help with whatever me variation they need to figure out. but i didn like how she asked me, so i ignore her and start looking at the other sweater colorways. then she goes, “well? are you a size 4 or not?”Honestly though, you should do it. I work at Ulta and while our store is absolutely golden right now, apparently this time last year it was a wreck. Same issues you were having with your salon, no one got along, there was toxic gossip, and managers were abusing their power. I only started 4 5 months ago, but I swear I never worked a better retail job. Our salon is killing it and I like each and every one of my coworkers.

That only happened because of months of major staff turnover starting with customer complaints. You speaking up will probably be appreciated by employees who do care but don have the power to change anything. Also if they playing favorites they just shouldn be doing that job. Someone was trying to merge out of the “suicide lane” and apparently didn’t see me. So now my poor car is in the shop and I have to yell at my insurance company.

Not only that but I have to borrow my mom’s secondary beater car and it has an automatic transmission. I prefer manual because I live in an area with a lot of snow and it is easier to drive in winter when you have a manual because you have more control. And that car is shit in snow (I have a two year old Subaru so I am used to all wheel drive and all of that). Why couldn’t I get hit in July so I wouldn’t have to deal with an old car in winter.

uk canada goose And now I am worried about the woman that hit my car because her husband seemed like an canada goose stockists uk abusive asshole and she was using his car. I hope that he doesn’t do anything to her. Is it bad that I told her to give me buy-canadagoose.net a call if she has to leave him because I am seriously worried that he would try to hurt her? uk canada goose

canada goose uk black friday At least I have 2 job interviews coming up so that I can finally hopefully get out of a soul sucking job. It is technical sales and I hate it. I like helping customers solve their problems but I hate selling things because I feel like a used car salesman canada goose outlet florida canada goose uk black friday.