“I saw the Journal’s story and I was thinking

canada goose Travel Is Getting More Fun Now That We Don't Have To Deal With Humans Jill Krasny Aug. 28, 2012, 3:42 PM Flickr / mikecoghSelf-service kiosks might be the coolest thing to happen to airports since the lounge. As the Journal pointed out on Monday amigosdecontreras.es , airports are moving away from human interactions to a do-it-yourself model where online booking, check-in kiosks and mobile boarding passes are the norm. “I saw the Journal’s story and I was thinking, what took them so long?” said consumer advocate Christopher Elliott over email. “A lot of aspects in the check-in process have been begging to be automated for years.” With self-service kiosks, where people check and tag their own bags, airport lines could move a lot faster, and that’s a good thing for our sanity and wallets. For starters, if there’s no reason to check a bag then there will be less incentive to leave items at home or turn to shipping services like Lugless Canada Goose uk sale , which literally lug bags from destination to door and charge rates starting at $39. If you’re cool with checking your bag, why ship it? The automated check-ins could also do away with cluttered cabins and delayed boarding times, both of which tick off travelers and hang penny-pinchers out to dry when there’s no room to store their bags, and they have to pay to check them. “There are lots of inefficiencies in the check-in process today,” said Elliott. “Have you ever stood in front of a ticket counter and watched an agent type away furiously, trying to fix something or change your seat assignment? That can be automated.” All this automation might be the beginning of a whole new travel era, one that’s just what the passengers ordered. Last spring, 75% of worldwide fliers told SITA, the Geneva-based airline IT provider, that self-service is the way to go. Could self-directed boarding be next? DON’T MISS: 23 secrets to booking cheap flights > canada goose parka