If an account is in default with one bank

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aaa replica designer handbags The impact on banks in terms of bad debt numbers and provisioning will remain elevated.Revising the stressed assets framework, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday said these accounts, even if under restructuring, should be put through a resolution plan if the accounts were in default.If an account is in default with one bank, other lenders in the consortium will have to try and make the account good.Otherwise, the account could be best replica bags online classified as a stressed asset later, experts said, requiring high provisioning. But more clarification on this would be required, they said.Bankers said considering most accounts under restructuring have defaulted in the past, the new framework would force these accounts to the resolution path.However, the loans would have to be re rated again.This could be bad for the promoters because of two reasons.One, if the account is in default, a resolution plan will have to be implemented within 180 days from March 1.If no resolution is found, the account has to be referred to the insolvency court.Second, even if one bank in the consortium objects to the resolution, the account will be subject to insolvency proceedings directly.In an insolvency proceeding, a promoter cannot bid unless he has cleared his bad debt. This is akin to losing control of the firm.is a lot of incentive for banks and promoters to find a resolution before the matter moves to the IBC, said Ashish Chhawchharia, partner, restructuring services, Grant Thornton.it goes to court, there is no certainty if the promoters will remain in the company, and the haircut banks will have to take, he added.This will improve recovery by banks, but lenders high end replica bags may have to grapple with rising provisions in the short term.Experts, however, argued that banks had already made provisions for stressed assests.The rules also tighten the screws on some private banks that had delayed the resolution process, bankers said.Some of these lenders have also raised replica designer bags objections to resolution plans from designer replica luggage the joint lenders forum, to avoid classifying an account as a non performing asset (NPA).Banks had allegedly used the earlier framework extensively to hide their bad debts, instead of opting for resolution.Former RBI governor replica bags online Raghuram Rajan had termed this as a incentive example, such an account can get at least 18 months if rejigged under strategic debt restructuring (SDR).lenders would sign up for the restructuring arrangement, some would not aaa replica designer handbags.