if he is quite literally hiding his demographic information

My boyfriend might be wearing a wig

canada goose uk black friday He always wears a cap or a beanie, had the same hairstyle for the entire 3 months and he wouldn really let me touch his head. Even just when I trying to get his hair out of his handsome face to get a good flirty look at it. canada goose uk black friday

Recently, he been telling me he has a secret he hasn told me. He wouldn budge even if I asked and asked. He says he will tell me when he has built the courage. I thought he might have some std or perhaps he has to go canada goose outlet www.canada-goosejacketsale.org parka back to his home country. Yesterday, I saw a wig cleaner. That when it all made sense.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I fell for him hard and I don care if he is wearing a wig or not. I told him that canada goose outlet store calgary it ok, and that I love him whatever his secret is. And I meant it. My problem is that he has had canada goose outlet paypal some secrets before, like not telling me his age or his home country, thinking that I would judge him for that. How can I let him know that he doesn have to keep those kinds of secrets? That I love him not for his age or his nationality but for him as a person? buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap canada goose uk Sorry for the long post but I would really like to hear some advice. I think I met a great guy and I just want to make him feel that he the one for me and I for him. Sounds like he has insecurity, calling it out and pushing too hard might make him close off even more and embarrassed. Maybe tell him he doesn have to worry because you love him anyway and you might even know what it is already and it okay to tell you is a better way. I used to lie a lot (where I from, where I went to school, what I do for fun, etc. because I wanted to fit in), and when I decided to come clean to all my friends. I appreciated the fact that they could smell it coming and just listened and gave me the chance to overcome the fear myself to spit it canada goose outlet in chicago out. It felt like I just won a huge battle or whatever it is. This. It can be that he has no harmful intentions, but in the end that doesn really matter. cheap canada goose uk

Most manipulative or bad relationships are with people that have no real intentions of harming you but insecurity, but we rarely hear them because people suffer through with the relationship telling themselves they can fix the other person insecurities or that it will get better.

Canada Goose Jackets Small edit: not saying that you should end the relationship. Only that you keep this in mind for the future so you can think objectively if he keeps up the secretive behavior. Wish you all the luck :)This canada goose outlet reviews is exactly right. If he insecure that a headwind against canada goose outlet the relationship, and I would view it as a problem to solve before I would commit myself to him. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Coats On Sale So he conceals his age and nationality. No major harm there, whatever. But look at the reasons he likely did that out of a fear of rejection. That same motivation could lead him to conceal stuff in the future, canada goose outlet website legit because it worked before and now he good at concealment. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Imagine he has a minor problem getting along with OP he always has to take out the garbage, or he wants a puppy while OP wants a cat. He might deal with these problems by concealing them too. It not a stretch to imagine this logic coming from someone who can even be honest about his age even though he going for a long term relationship where OP will find out eventually.

canada goose factory sale So he hides his problems and hopes that OP will figure it out or draw those truths out of him like what happened before. But OP isn psychic, so the problems stay unresolved. Now our master concealer gets resentful, and stuffs those feelings deep inside. But resentment is poison to a relationship, and it erodes his capacity for patience and kindness or whatever it is OP likes about him. canada goose factory sale

If the insecurity and canada goose uk it associated pattern of lying persist, that a sloppy problem for a long term relationship. Loving him harder can alone solve this problem. He got to confront this and put some work in on himself. That means recognizing its not playful and fun canada goose outlet location to keep secrets. That means refusing to accept he is this way due to insecurity, as if that reason for lying somehow validates it./u/jojitx i hardly say it lazy and weak of OP to see warning signs and realize that they carry weight. they are three months into a relationship and these problems seem to have been visible from the start. i sorry, but i wouldn fight for a 3 month long relationship with someone who is withholding pertinent information from me.

Canada Goose Online if anything, it is lazy of OP boyfriend to not be upfront with him and to instead brush things aside or literally just not address them. Canada Goose Online

the wig issue in and of itself is odd, but that not the biggest issue to me. to me, the dishonesty about his age and country of origin are both incredibly strange behavior. if he is quite literally hiding his demographic information, who knows what else he is hiding.

canada goose clearance sale i completely understand the argument of trying to make it work when there are problems in a relationship, but trying to make it work with someone who will not tell me their age or where they from canada goose outlet usa is completely absurd and not worth it. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store i live in a major city with plenty of options and no problem getting a date. maybe i am viewing this through my lens and not realizing that OP may live in a place with very few options, so he is less willing to let this go. to me, it screams desperate if he were to overlook these major red flags, but again, to each their own canada goose store.