If we as a community can do anything to help kids keep busy


moncler mens jackets We feel it deserves a front page position. Thank moncler outlet store you to the community of Terrace resident who wrote it. moncler mens jackets

moncler sale outlet I agree that our community DOES have a responsibility to provide kids with alternatives to just loitering and hanging around in the streets. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler jackets Kids like to be social, keep busy, and to be active. But just where can they do that in town here? Safely, and affordably, and moncler outlet jackets constructively. cheap moncler jackets

Part of the problem is affordability. Parents can keep kids busy by enrolling them in activities to keep them active and to keep them busy. Idle time and boredom can turn into getting into trouble just for excitement.

cheap moncler For families who struggle to maintain food, shelter, and clothing for kids, expensive enrolment in after school activities is a distant priority. cheap moncler

moncler outlet What would be of interest to kids? What DO they cheap moncler jackets want offered here in this community? What do they want to be doing? I wish there were indoor basketball courts or an indoor supervised gym for kids to use for free. Somewhere to play indoor soccer or bball/vball/badminton. I wish we did have the funds to build a great multiplex that did include a gym and courts for activities to be offered to moncler outlet sale kids for free. It would be a great idea to turn some of the unused tennis courts into hockey or basketball courts, a great idea for summertime activities. And yes, a central public skateboard park would be a great idea. And yes, a lot of the problem IS funding. We as a community do struggle right now, the economic times are moncler sale outlet very tough. It is so challenging. moncler outlet

If kids CAN keep busy, they WILL be too busy and too tired at the end of the day to be idle. Idle kids are kids at risk. Kids need structure.

And yes, great idea too, to encourage moncler outlet uk volunteering. They need to learn and experience how it does feel to give, and that reward will come from that. Kids also though, do like immediate fun and excitement and also tend to be very self focussed. If we as adults can encourage healthy ways such as volunteering, then kids may follow.

cheap moncler coats I do agree as well about parental responsibility. Kids need structure, boundaries, and a sense of responsibility. And that does start with at home, with basic chores, learning basic respect for self and others, helping the family, completing studies, finding hobbies. For sure. And if this basic structure and framework is not moncler sale present, kids can be at risk. Which again, there is the societal problem of poverty and all the social problems that come from that, and we as a community DO have a responsibility to try to help out however we can. Then we have to ask ourselves WHY there is poverty. The best we can do as a society is encourage the pursuit of personal best in healthy ways. cheap moncler coats

moncler moncler jackets outlet outlet sale Kids should have a structured curfew, and should be able to feel safe AND welcome home when returning home. Open and trustful communication with parents is so important. moncler outlet sale

There is a lot of poverty and dysfunction in our community, and many families are struggling. If we as a community can do anything to help kids keep busy then all the better. Take a look down town on any given night and there are a lot of idle kids just hanging about. I do agree that as a parent, one must provide structure and boundaries. But unfortunately if that is not present for whatever reason, it IS the responsibility of the community to keep these kids safe. And yes, the much larger picture is problems within our moncler factory outlet society.

We should honestly ask them what they cheap moncler jackets sale really do want to be doing, I am sure the answer would be a lot more than just hanging out on the streets. As a community Cheap Moncler Jackets member, yes i do feel that even though these children may not be OUR children, we actually DO have a responsibility to help keep kids safe, provide them with some sort of healthy activities that they can enjoy. Just as this city is our city as adults, so is it a city for our children as well.

It IS a community responsibility. As adults we DO have the responsibility to the kids. As we expect them to respect us, we should also respect them.

cheap moncler outlet cheap moncler outlet I am just very thankful that this incident did not end in complete tragedy. Thankfully there was not loss of life. Kids like excitement and unfortunately turn to something more sinister out of complete boredom if their minds and bodies are not https://www.thebeastmark.com occupied constructively. cheap moncler outlet

monlcer down jackets Again, I do think a lot of the issue does have to do with basic moncler outlet online healthy boundaries and responsibilities which is a parental responsibility to nurture. But when a family unit is not functioning well, that is a weak link. Again, I think again that it comes down to society. If we can all help each other out, maybe we can make things better for all. Kids in our community ARE our responsibility, as are our elderly, our disadvantaged and our moncler outlet marginalized. monlcer down jackets

moncler outlet online If we as a community can show them that we DO actually care for them then maybe they will take pride in their community and in themselves and their actions as well. moncler outlet online

Cancelled. Well at least we try.

moncler sale Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 24th December 2011 moncler sale

We do try, you know.

One example. The FREE teen swim had to be cancelled cuzza all the bullying/aggressive behaviour from a of youths where the RCMP had to be called in.

moncler outlet store The Community does try, but seems to no avail. I suggest we stick to the personal challenging task of putting ourselves out there by building relationships with the youth in our own personal little neighborhoods and branch out from there. moncler outlet store

buy moncler jackets As someone else pointed out. buy moncler jackets

Comment by Samantha on 19th December 2011

We are not allowed to spank our children or we get charged with abuse. Someone posted something on facebook at some point about a court overruling a grounding. T. Kenney more complicated than it appears

Comment by c. sandecki on 19th December 2011

While the idea of using closed schools certainly has merit, it also comes with many costs extra insurance to cover liability, salaries for custodial staff, snow plowing, more heat,more electricity needed, repairs for any on going damage.