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My Favorite Lid Looks (Part II)

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From my perspective, there are two major downsides to runway shows:1. If you see something you love, there is no immediate gratification www.canadagooseonsale.biz , as you must wait months until it becomes available.2. If you see something you love, wait months for it to become available, find it in your size on net-a-porter.com, you still can’t have it, because it costs double your rent.Since I am neither a Teresa nor a Jessie, and I haven’t a stack of hundreds with which to pay for my French Chateau d├ęcor, nor the disposable income to throw at a Barney’s stylist who, from the look on her face, would rather be ladle-ing veggie chili at a Hot & Crusty than stand there and fake one “that’s so cute on you!” after another, I have to think creatively when it comes to staying on top of the season’s trends.As you might know, I have a major love for liner, and so today, I spent a good part of my afternoon clicking through the “detail” shots of the FW09 collections in search of new, fashion forward eye makeup inspiration. I may never get the Givenchy I would quite literally do anything for, but I sure can indulge in some fancy new brushes and a few Saturday afternoons to hone my fine motor skills.Here below are my favorite lid looks from the FW09 collections, all of which, if you work in fashion, can be worn with any outfit, any time of day Canada Goose Vests , in any venue. For the rest of you, I’d probably stash a travel brush kit (try this one from Michael Marcus) in my handbag, and get to scribbling once the work day is over. – Continue Reading BelowEnjoy! Clockwise from top left: Biba, Moschino, Jasper Conran and Miss SixtyPhotos: Imaxtree

My Favorite Lid Looks (Part II)

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