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I’ll just smoke on weekends

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So this past year has been quite a journey for me. Around March I was able to stay sober for over a hundred days which was a huge accomplishment for me. I felt much better, not everything was perfect but I was on the road to recovery. I felt canada goose outlet ontario as though I had truly kicked the habit and even went to a music festival with some of my friends who still partook (although only around 3/12 friends did).

buy canada goose jacket Then after I returned I made the mistake of breaking my momentum and had a smoke. This was directly after the music festival where I done such a great job at abstaining. For some of you, it may seem as though having canada goose outlet one smoke is insignificant, but breaking the momentum even just once means that the next time you consider smoking, giving in is that much easier. buy canada goose jacket

So time went on and I wasn really smoking again but occasionally I would give in. This slowly started building into a regular occurrence until I in the current position I navigated myself into. I told myself “I just smoke on the weekends, during the week is off limits.” The rationale for this is that during the week, the responsibility of my job means I can be compromised by heavy smoking sessions. At first it seemed canada goose outlet shop to be working okay as I wasnt smoking during the week, but then I started to notice a pattern forming.

canada goose clearance sale Monday groggy, anxious, unable to hold meaningful conversation and eye contact is difficult. I craving a smoke and clock watch to get home at 5 and feel sorry for myself. canada goose clearance sale

Tuesday less groggy but still anxious and a bit depressed. I able to function a bit more now but still compromised.

uk canada goose Wednesday feeling better now, I had two restful night sleep and I no longer stoned over. uk canada goose

Thursday starting to canadagoosejacketoutlett look forward to the weekend. I feeling good.

Canada Goose Jackets Friday I feel great. It Friday. I can come home from work, make a nice cup of coffee, change into some comfy clothes and veg out, play video games and get high. Canada Goose Jackets

Saturday last night smoking session was good, I smoke all day now. Not as fulfilling as last night, I chasing the dragon and I not really doing/achieving anything outside of smoking, watching sport and eating.

Canada Goose Online Sunday starting to think about work and get anxious. I still smoking a bit but usually stop late afternoon to prepare for buy canada goose uk reality and my sober week. At this point I usually curse myself for spending my whole weekend smoking as my weekend has flown by in a frankly unfulfilling haze Canada Goose Online.