Impeaching is a very political process

Jeg tror fagfeltet har oversolgt evnen vr til avverge selvmord. Vi kan ikke hindre individuelle tilfeller av selvmord, for vi kan ikke se dem komme, sier Stangeland.Han mener man m vre forsiktig med si at det er behandlingsapparatets ansvar passe p at noen lever. Det virker som om det har blitt en kultur der vi tenker at helsevesenet br ta over ansvaret, slik at alle overlever.

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As to trading Faulk, we need to move a defenseman sometimeeven if in Faulk’s case, we get a lower reward than we would like. Why would Fox sign with us when we have the 7 overall draft pick from 4 years ago sitting in the press box night after night, another 1st round pick in Charlotte, plus guys like McKeown and Carrick seemingly stuck in Charlotte? Of course it’s great to have depth in your system, and we could just let Faulk and TVR play out their contracts, but it would be nice to get something back now. I guess there are worse problems to have..

Hopefully they do, and hurry up doing so. The people around him almost certainly won And it could be that he won be impeached, the legal charges will instead be levied against him the day after he is no loner president. Impeaching is a very political process, and much harder than bringing charges against a former president..

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