In my many years as a psychic I have seen positive results

But Castillian politics were messy and Aragon and Portgual more than once intervened in Castillian affairs even though Castille was the larger stronger country.Then the unification of the Crowns of Aragon and Castille happens and we get Spain, but at this point Spain is a fierce rival with France to the North and the Ottomans across the Mediterranean and is often busy defending her territories in Italy.Colonialism takes off, and the Treaty of Tordesillas is signed, splitting the world between Spain and Portugal. So no reason to fight yet, too many new places to conquer.Spain becomes the most powerful nation in Europe but before Spain can really consider an invasion of Portgual, they enter a union anyway.Some stuff happens, Spain squanders her strength (and Portugal too for that matter) and economic troubles (inflation, especially), the 30 years War, the Netherlands breaking free, and everyone (France, England, Netherlands) ganging up on Spain leads to the decline of the empire.Portugal becomes independent again by force, ending the union and installing a new king.You play as individual characters from a dynasty die in battle, your 29 year old eldest son inherits and you play as him, but ten years ago your vassals made a faction to institute gavelkind Inheritance and you were being invaded by lesser Poland at the time so you agreed to avoid a civil war, so your younger son got half your land when you died.Since you now playing as the elder brother and he has no children you inherit his lands if he dies, so you plot to assassinate him. To try to avoid him having kids before you can kill him you also seduce his wife for good measure, yves saint laurent replica purse and she falls in love with you and joins in the plot to kill her husband.

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