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These happened to be of the E8 model a 2250 HP version. They were upgraded to E9 standards and numbered 9900 9908. They also had a Head End Power (HEP) generator installed. With maximum increase in allocation to the Smart Cities Mission, the Housing and Urban Affairs (HUA) ministry’s budgetary provisions have been pegged at over Rs 41,765 crore for the next fiscal, a hike of 2.82 per cent over 2017 18, reports PTI. The HUA ministry was formed after merging the ‘urban development’ and ‘housing and urban poverty alleviation’ ministries, which had a total outlay of Rs 40,618 crore in Union Budget 2017 18. Smart Cities Mission, under which the ministry has announced 99 cities for central assistance, got the highest hike of 54.22 per cent moncler outlet with Rs 6,169 crore as against Rs 4,000 crore in 2017 18 Budget.

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