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I still hate Brand for convincing Baron to sign with us and then bouncing to Philly.But once Blake was drafted and Sterling got pushed out everything turned around. I just hoping we can keep this culture going. But then I started to notice his YouTube highlights on a daily basis, and the Mozgov dunk put a spell on me, so I finally decided to check out some live games.

I originally went into UX because I was panicking trying to figure out what to do for a career, and this older, weird dude named Jason told me I be good at UX. No shit. I was raised in a fairly high pressure family that heavily pushed academics. I served as Funding Arbiter from 2006 2010. I served as Co chair Cochrane Governing Board 2013 2017, for which the University of Sydney received remuneration. From 2018, I have been Senior Editor, Cochrane Public Health Network, for which the University of Sydney receives remuneration.