MARK: It’s going to be a fantastic six weeks

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canada goose jacket outlet He described the two as nearly engaging in a “verbal sparring session” and said DeVos’ staffers looked eager to take Hazell’s mic away, although they never did. Tara Bordeaux, Texas’ teacher of the year, said Hazell’s line of questioning hit on the concerns of “a lot of educators right now.”At one point during the event, DeVos talked about how traditional public schools and charter schools should be thought of as parts of the same public school system, a comment that irked educators in the room because the two types of school are managed differently and subject to different rules and regulations. Voucher programs provide children with publicly funded scholarships to private schools.”That was a shocker to all the teachers in the room,” Hazell, a science teacher of 35 years, told HuffPost.For her to say at the ‘expense of children’ was a very profound moment and one I’ll remember forever, because that is so far from what is happening.Melissa Romano, Montana’s teacher of the yearOverall, both Hazell and McDaniel said, DeVos was a friendly, attentive listener who was respectful of the teachers’ opinions canada goose jacket outlet.