Meanwhile, court documents filed last week allege that Pitt

(I recall Robert G. Think one of the reasons for this is that scientists, and those who truly love science, are not only content with doubt, buthappy with it. Give us a big, juicy unsolved problem, and we like a dog with a meaty bone. Express these genes in a toad or fly and they start to make neurons there.This is exactly what we would expect would have happened at the earliest stages of animal multicellularity. Animals didn suddenly appear as running, flying, swimming things. Our earliest, multicellular ancestors would have been perfectly adapted to their environment, but would also have used simple forms of cell cell communication to build their bodies, and to respond to that environment.Over the vast depths of evolutionary time, those methods were honed and shaped by natural selection, eventually leading to the stupendous array of animal life that the planet has carried, including me, typing these words to you.But that doesn make sponges or in any way lesser beings.

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