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Had. A. Gun.. Because “Mercury Theatre” shared a time slot with the more popular “Chase and Sanborn Hour” on NBC, Welles knew that many dial tuners would not hear the introduction to his show. He also knew when the first sketch on “Chase and Sanborn” ended, many viewers would flip to his program in favor of the musical interlude. Just as NBC listeners turned the dial, they heard the reports from Grovers Mill on CBS, and had no idea that the story was fake.

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beach dresses The film won the Grand Prix, then the main award at the Cannes Film Festival. She earned a second Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role as a brothel madame in Robert Altman’s postmodern western McCabe Mrs. Miller (also 1971). You want fast absorbing carbs, something like glucose or sucrose, and you want to ensure they can get into your bloodstream quickly so you need to hold back on the protein for this little post workout dose. Men do better with a 4:1 ratio where women need 3:1 or even 2:1 (as we get into our 40s up). You can do your protein intake a little later this immediate post workout is for glycogen replacement beach dresses.