Others might simply see this change in Jewish identification

6. “Time heals all wounds” or “Just put it out of your mind.” As a friend who lost her 17 year old son said, “Time doesn’t heal all wounds unless you work between the minutes.” For the caregiver, it means allowing the mourner much repetition and retelling the story. And, no one forgets..

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Fact, the three policemen were in a patrol van and did not dare to stop the bikers or chase them. After my father fell down, agitated locals asked them to take him to hospital where he was later declared dead. It has been complete laxity on part of the policemen, he added..

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A neighboring colony sent in only about five fighters to take us down. Ha! They came up to the colony and we mowed them down, though one of my colonists got injured. As we were butchering the bodies (to make human leather cowboy hats and human meat kibble for the animals), I got a note that my animal handler had failed to tame a Muffalo and it had gotten mad.

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