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Can you explain when the government can convene a joint sitting?If a situation arises where the two Houses of Parliament disagree in regard to any bill other than a Constitutional amendment bill or a money bill, then a joint sitting of the two Houses can be called by the President.The final disagreement will be presumed if one bill is passed by one House and is totally rejected by the other House or, if purereplicabag a bill after being passed by one House is referred to the other House and the other House does not pass it for six months.So two conditions, if it has been six months after best replica designer the original House referred it to the other House, or if the other House has finally disagreed on the bill, then the joint sitting of Parliament can be convened.Meaning, the Rajya Sabha has to reject the Land Bill, or the government will have to wait for six months till it can call a joint sitting?It can do two things. The replica bags china Rajya Sabha can reject it or pass it with amendments. If it passes it with amendments, then it goes to the originating House (in the case of the Land Bill it will have to go back to the Lok Sabha).If the originating House accepts it, then it becomes law.