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He finds a hole to live in next to a family cottage and does nice things for them, like bring them firewood, while they sleep. He learns their lsnguage just by listening. One day, he decides to visit when only the blind man is home and tries to make friends, but the son Congress home and tries to kill him..

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One victim was second; one watched. Imagine the horror,” Schaeffer continued. “Finally, the last high replica bags victim, who had seen the other two disappear over the side, was lifted up and thrown overboard. Above his right shoulder, the word ‘Police’ is painted on the wall in Marathi, in bold black letters. He is seated at a police desk outside the emergency ward of the Nair Hospital, a corner assigned to the police for fulfilling legal formalities and paperwork for cases involving accidents, shootout injuries, anything that falls under medico legal cases. The time is 1 am, the date November 27, 2008.

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